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5 Reasons to visit Vilankulo

5 Reasons to visit Vilankulo

An authentic natural gem for adventurers looking for truly memorable experiences (and at amazing prices too)

Vilankulo is an amazingly charming seaside town that, together with the five islands comprising Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, are one of best kept secrets in the planet. The World Wildlife Fund calls it “Gift to the Earth” acknowledging the fact that it truly is a precious natural treasure, an authentic and natural gem for adventurers looking for truly memorable and yet reasonably priced experiences.

1 - A beautiful coastal city, in the Southeast region of Mozambique.

2 - Gateway to the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago.

3 - Paradisiacal beaches, markets, restaurants and lots of fun.

4 - Accommodation with an excellent quality/price ratio that's as fantastic as Bazaruto.

5 - There aren't many places left on Earth with so much to explore.

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Here you can see our featured trip ideas

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